FiberCraze, a Gifu University Venture Developing Highly Functional Materials, Raises 40 Million Yen in First Seed Round

FiberCraze, a Gifu University Venture Developing Highly Functional Materials, Raises 40 Million Yen in First Seed Round

FiberCraze, a Gifu University venture company developing highly functional materials, raises 40 million yen in its first seed round of funding

(Head office: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; President: Shunya Chosokabe; hereinafter "FiberCraze"), a venture company originating from Gifu University, has announced that it has raised 40 million yen in its first seed round of funding in cooperation with Rivanes Corporation (Jermination Fund No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership), which is engaged in the discovery and development of ventures originating from the region, and Hasegora Boshoku, a core company in Gifu Prefecture. Ltd., a core company in Gifu Prefecture, OKB Capital Inc. of the OKB Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Group, a regional financial institution, and NOBUNAGA Capital Village Inc. of the Juroku Financial Group.

FiberCraze, a Gifu University venture that develops highly functional materials, raises 40 million yen in its first seed round of funding | PR TIMES

About FiberCraze's Mission and Core Technologies

Yarn using porous technology

FiberCraze is a Gifu University-launched venture company with the mission of "creating materials that the world can be proud of" and developing highly functional materials based on its core porous technology for fiber and film materials. Fiberclase is developing cutting-edge materials such as fluorine-free materials and microcapsule substitute materials, focusing on the prevention of infectious diseases caused by mosquitoes and other insect vectors. The company is developing new materials by integrating Gifu's technologies to realize its vision of "weaving together the future of humanity and the earth with microscopic technologies.

With this financing, we will take a step forward to grow into a mega-venture originating from Gifu Prefecture by hiring human resources, mainly senior management, and developing prototypes. In addition, the four companies will jointly support FiberCraze's mission and vision to realize its growth, with the aim of discovering and nurturing the technological seeds that lie dormant in the prefecture and building a sustainable industrial ecosystem.

FiberCraze's core technology is "porous fiber/film material technology" developed from basic research at Gifu University. By creating pores of several tens of nanometers in the material through post-processing, the material retains ingredients, permeates and controls particles, and separates water and oil. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including materials for preventing infectious diseases caused by mosquitoes and other vectors, as well as in the medical, biotechnological, and industrial fields. As applied products of this core technology, we are developing materials with various functions, such as high-functional fibers with insect repellents and moisture retention components locked in, and liquid adsorbents and separation membranes.

Purpose of Fund Procurement

  • Active recruitment of human resources necessary for business expansion (management candidates, business development, mass production development, etc.)
  • Development of prototypes and other equipment capable of handling the porous process, a core technology, for various applications and up to prototype and pre-production

Comments from Investors

Mr. Yukihiro Maru, Group CEO and Representative Director, Liverness Co.

We empathize with FiberCraze's vision of bringing together science and technology in Gifu to solve infectious disease problems in Southeast Asia and other developing countries. RIVERNESS is engaged in "knowledge manufacturing" by identifying entrepreneurs with passion, science, and technology from local communities in Japan and working with core companies and financial institutions to solve global problems. Through this investment, FiberCraze, Hase-Tora Spinning, OKB, and Rivanes will work together to both revitalize the Gifu region and solve global issues.

Mr. Kyouji Hase, President of Hase Tora Spinning Co.

Dawn of a New Era of Knowledge Manufacturing We, Hase Tora Boseki, were established 136 years ago with the aim of contributing to the local community through textiles. Gifu prospered as a textile town, but as times changed, production bases shifted overseas, and many companies were eliminated. However, textiles have great value and appeal. This is because it is the material that is closest to people. This time, we decided to invest in FiberCraze. We decided to invest in FiberCraze because we share their high aspirations to add new knowledge to textiles and solve the world's major problems. By combining FiberCraze's knowledge with our own, we will contribute to the earth. This initiative is truly the dawn of a new era of knowledge manufacturing.

Mr. Tsunekazu Okada, President and CEO, OKB Capital Inc.

From the time I first met Representative Chosokabe until this investment, I have watched his steady growth as an entrepreneur. I share Mr. Nagasogabe's philosophy of "expanding technology born from academic research into a variety of industries and fields. This investment was made through the OKB4S Circulation Fund, which is managed together with Meinan М&A of Meinan Consulting Network, a specialized group that provides comprehensive support for corporate management mainly in the Chubu area. We will continue to develop support beneficial to FiberCraze.

Mr. Kiyotaka Toge, President of NOBUNAGA Capital Village Corporation

The investment in FiberCraze is NOBUNAGA Capital Village's first investment in a startup company in Gifu Prefecture. We are pleased to be able to support the business growth of Mr. Chosokabe, the first director of Gifu University's Entrepreneurship Department, with whom we have built a close relationship, from the standpoint of a shareholder. We believe that the fusion of textiles, a regional industry, and the technological seeds that Gifu University has been researching for many years will create new innovations in the textile industry and will become the foundation for supporting the textile industry for a long time to come. We will do our utmost to support FiberCraze's growth and development and the "realization of regional growth and prosperity" while making the most of the resources of the Juroku Financial Group.

Comment from the President of Gifu University

Gifu University is proud to announce that FiberCraze, Gifu University's seventh venture company, has received a major funding round. Mr. Chosokabe is a model case of a university startup that has steadily progressed through the university's entrepreneurship program one step at a time. We hope that FiberCraze will serve as a model for other ventures originating from Gifu University, and we also hope that FiberCraze will make further progress through the development of highly functional materials, grow into a mega-venture originating from Gifu University and Gifu Prefecture, and contribute to society.

Employment Opportunities

FiberCraze is looking for a COO, Business Development Manager and R&D Manager. Let's aim for explosive growth to realize our mission and vision! Please apply through the inquiry below.

Hiring Position

  • COO
  • Business Development Manager
  • Research and Development Manager

Application Page

If you would like to schedule a casual interview, please send a DM to President Chosokabe on Twitter (@ShuyaChop) or Facebook (

Company Information

FiberCraze, Inc.

Mission: "Creating world-class materials

Vision: "Weaving together the future of humanity and the Earth through microscopic technology

Establishment: September 2021


Business: Research and development of fibers with functions such as insect repellency, moisture retention, and antivirus

Research and development of functional porous films with functions such as liquid adsorption and separation

Sales of fiber material samples and film material samples

Manufacture and sale of R&D products and contracted development products

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