Creating World-Class Materials

Establishing the world's first processing process based on basic research at Gifu University.

We are developing a completely new “hole“ vacant high-performance material.

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Solving social issues and contributing to the enrichment of people's lives through the power of materials

We are developing insect repellent materials that prevent infectious diseases and fluorine-free materials that are less harmful to the environment by utilizing the world's first porous technology developed at Gifu University.

With the mission of “creating materials that the world can be proud of,“ we are expanding our applications to a wide range of industrial fields, from healthcare to industrial fields, and are committed to solving social issues around the world with nanotechnology.

Microporous pores in fibers and film materials to lock in ingredients

We are developing high-functional materials based on the “technology for making fibers and film materials more porous,“ which was developed through basic research at Gifu University. By creating nanoscale pores in materials, we handle a variety of functional materials, such as functional fibers that trap insect repellents and moisture retention ingredients, and liquid separation membranes.





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Creating World-Class Materials

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